La Natural Terracotta Water Filters - Gravity Water Filters - Epic Water Systems - 2018
La Natural Terracotta Water Filters - Gravity Water Filters - Epic Water Systems - 2018

La Natural Terracotta Water Filter Cooler Dispenser

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The La Natural water filter cooler combines old-fashioned ingenuity (terracotta) with modern filtration technology. Our water cooler filter is the best of both worlds. Be ready for clean, healthy drinking water without the cost of bottled water. This unit is also a great product to have for those emergency's when you don't have electricity or clean water. Simply pour 2 gallons of water into the wide top and gravity feed it through a dual micro-pore ceramic/activated carbon filter. Water is constantly chilled as its molecules slowly pass through the hand made natural terracotta shell in an evaporative cooling process used by the pioneers to keep water fresh and cool.

  • Comes with 2 filters
  • Upper reservoir is BPA free recycled plastic
  • Filters 6 gallons a day
  • Filters last 1 year
  • Easy to use
  • No power required
  • No priming of filters
  • Ideal for emergency situations, office, or everyday use at home
  • Saves money over expensive bottled water and pitcher filters that do not last. 
  • The counter top model assembles in minutes without tools 
  • Dimensions 10" W x 20"H 

La Natural Gravity Water Filter Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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I first found my terracotta water filter system 16 years ago in the Real Goods catalogue. It is still going strong! I am grateful to Epic Filters for providing such a quality product that has been a mainstay of my kitchen all this time. I have recommended a terracotta filter system to many friends as well and seen a few pop up in other kitchens. One of the best investments ever. Thank you.

Refreshingly Cool

We bought our La Natural in 1999 in preparation for Y2K, and it is still giving us deliciously clear, filtered water each and every day! We noticed the difference in taste right away, and love drinking pure water, instead of chemicals. My kidneys actually feel so much better, since our hard water is filtered before I drink it. We just didn't know what we were missing! We replace the ceramic filters regularly and have only had to replace the spigot one time, but the replacement from Epic was actually superior to the original one! We highly recommend Epic's La Natural, especially for young families and older folks, who will physically benefit from drinking filtered water. Enjoy!
P.S. La Natural keeps the water so refreshingly cool, even in our hot Southwestern climate!

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service
Years ago I bought the large terracotta La Natural. Since our water in Hayward is quite good as is, I was thinking more of the benefit of natural cooling and also having a source of pure water in an emergency. Enjoyed for a long time, it is now retired with the terracotta bottom serving as a plant pot.

Customer service at Epic has always been very cordial and efficient - no problem getting replacement filters or other parts when needed.