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My Epic water filter is amazing and I am shocked to see what is filtered out of my tap water. I live in Long Beach, NY and Hurricane Sandy hit my city hard. I was thankful to have my Epic water filter during those tough times. Also the customer service I received was top notch, they got back to me right away and answered all my concerns. It is a great filter and I am telling everyone I know that they need one!

Peter R.

New York

We were given a Epic water filter for Christmas this past year. We have really enjoyed the taste of the water from this filter, as well as knowing our water is healthier. We have a filter on our refrigerator, but the taste is not nearly as good.

Christina S.


My wife and I recently ordered some products from Bill and he gave me the most professional, kind, and informative service. The water really is a lot cooler out of the terracotta and the health benefits are an added plus. Lastly we wanted to tell you we LOVE our Epic water filter and the water taste is perfect. God bless.

Nate and Charlene

New Mexico

...we have owned our Epic water filter for over 20 years and love, love, LOVE it! It's quite possibly been the best purchase for our home and health. My three older children love using it and have never been so well hydrated.

Cindy M.


I would like to thank you for your wonderful water filter systems. I live in New Mexico and have had health issues for a while and have been very concerned about the water I am drinking and putting in my food because of the chemicals out there in the water supply. Instead of cleaning the water they dump more chemicals into it and sometimes the water even is foaming when I turn on the tap. Since getting my Epic water filter for the first time in years I am confident that I am not poisoning myself in my drink and food. I love not having to buy water and lug it home. The Epic water filter is paying for itself in every way. Thank you for your dedicated employees who have helped me set up my system and thank you for staying an American company that believes in Christian and American values.

Arlene W.

New Mexico

I have had your Epic water filter in my home for over two years. I get compliments on the water I give to friends and family. They say "It is the best and cleanest water they have ever tasted." I will be a life long customer and user of your great product. Keep up the great work in protecting our water supply for safe drinking.

Robert S.