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[High Quality Water Dispensers & Gravity Water Filters Online] Epic Water Systems

La Natural Terracotta Water Filter Cooler Dispenser (2 gal)

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The La Natural water filter cooler combines old-fashioned ingenuity (terracotta) with modern filtration technology. Our water cooler filter is the best of both worlds. Be ready for clean, healthy drinking water without the cost of bottled water. This unit is also a great product to have for those emergency's when you don't have electricity or clean water. Simply pour 2 gallons of water into the wide top and gravity feed it through a dual micro-pore ceramic/activated carbon filter. Water is constantly chilled as its molecules slowly pass through the hand made natural terracotta shell in an evaporative cooling process used by the pioneers to keep water fresh and cool.

  • Comes with 2 filters
  • Upper reservoir is BPA free recycled plastic
  • Filters 6 gallons a day
  • Filters last 1 year
  • Easy to use
  • No power required
  • No priming of filters
  • Ideal for emergency situations, office, or everyday use at home
  • Saves money over expensive bottled water and pitcher filters that do not last. 
  • The counter top model assembles in minutes without tools 
  • Dimensions 10" W x 20"H 

La Natural Gravity Water Filter Instructions

La Natural Water Filter Specifications

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Simply the Best

We have had our counter top Epic for over ten years, and it has filtered water from a shallow dug well, as well as a terrible tasting municipal water system. The results are always the same : excellent! This is such a great value for the price, and once it is established in your home you will find yourself drinking more water. It is a delight to enjoy a health benefit from a simple functional unit that needs no fussing, other than replacing the filter - and even that is simple to do. If you want good tasting water, or if you want to increase your water consumption, this is the one! Simply the best there is!

Extremely satisfied

Water tastes really good and feels natural. Very happy to have found you. Also to add, customer service is extraordinary. Thank you very much.

Top Notch

I have had a terra-cotta filter in my house for over twenty years, and it is hands down the best water I have ever had. The clay adds a special note to a top notch filter. As far as service goes, I have never had to deal with a nicer, quick on the draw business, and Bill always responds to me personally.

Very Satisfied

We have used the Epic Water System since 2004 and have been very satisfied with both the quality of our water and the rapid response from Bill & Epic to the few concerns we have had over the last 14 years!

Tastes So Much Better

A couple years ago, we inherited our La Natural Large Dispenser. The filter was broken and I ordered a new one from your website. I'd never think how something so simple could change our lives.

First of all, the water just *tastes* so much better. The terracotta gives this mild, sweet, earthy flavor to the water. Water straight out of the tap tastes so metallic in comparison.

With two kids, I know that I need to fill the crock twice a day, more in the summer. I like that it's easy to monitor your water intake, which is especially good if you're health-conscious.