[High Quality Water Dispensers & Gravity Water Filters Online] Epic Water Systems
[High Quality Water Dispensers & Gravity Water Filters Online] Epic Water Systems
[High Quality Water Dispensers & Gravity Water Filters Online] Epic Water Systems
[High Quality Water Dispensers & Gravity Water Filters Online] Epic Water Systems

Traveler™ XL Gravity System (1.75 gal)

Buy Now Aquacera Pioneer SS4 Gravity Water Filter

The Traveler™ XL gravity filter system is manufactured from polished stainless steel and holds up to 2 filter candles.  Choose between the CeraPlus™, CeraMetix®, and filters, all systems are sold with 2 filters included.

CeraPlus™ is the most common and economical choice for gravity water systems. MOST ECONOMICAL

CeraMetix®  is our most advanced ceramic filter available offering the best protection including fluoride. 

Imperial CeraMetix® filters are a larger diameter and offer higher flow rates and longer life. BEST SELLER

The Traveler™ XL is very easy to assemble, requiring no tools to set up. The upper chamber neatly nests into the lower chamber making for easy transport of the unit.

  • 3.25 Gallons total capacity - Upper and Lower chamber combined
  • Easy to use
  • No power required
  • No priming of filters
  • Ideal for emergency situations, camping, or everyday use at home
  • Saves money over expensive bottled water and pitcher filters that do not last
  • Assembled - 16" High x 8.25" Wide
  • Collapsed - 11.5" High x 8.25" Wide

Traveler™XL Specification Sheet

Traveler™XL Instruction Sheet


Filter Information:

CeraPlus Spec Sheet

CeraMetix GF Spec Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kirk Linden
Great Customer Service

I couldn't alter my original review so I'm writing a new. After seeing my first review I received a phone call from the company owner. We tried to troubleshoot the issue and came to the conclusion that a different type of washer needed to be used. He sent me some new washers and after a little trial and error I was able to use one original washer on one side and the new washers on the other side of the spigot and this solved the leaking issue. I have to say I can't ever say I've dealt with a company that was as proactive in assisting their customers. Again, He called me, I did not have to call him. I'm very happy with this product and even happier with the customer service

Kirk Linden
It would be great if it didn't leak all over

I bought this so I could have a reliable source of fresh water in case of emergency. Followed instructions. Put it together and filled it up. After a bit I noticed water on my counter top and realized it was leaking from the spigot. Disassembled. Reassembled. Made sure all the washers were in place ( which they were ) and put it all back together and tightened everything down. Again. Appeared to be OK but I woke up the next morning to a puddle of water on my kitchen floor. Not happy with it at all.

Ember Crow
Exactly As Described

For years, I've wanted a gravity fed water filter, but a competitive brand was just too expensive. I finally found Epic Water Systems and I couldn't be happier. Exactly as described, the product is beautiful and very high quality. Small enough to take with me on travel, and the perfect volume for 1-2 people. Love it, thanks so much!

Christopher Newman
Nifty, compact size. Great tasting water

After reading dozens of reviews on several different gravity water filtering options I chose the AquaCera Traveler for its superior filtering technology and compact size. It is no problem to keep the reservoir topped up so we always have plenty of non-toxic drinking and cooking water. So far, so good.

Love it

Bought for my RV - perfect size.