How A Simple Water Filtration System May Protect You From COVID-19

Many people in the United States are swarming the grocery stores to stock up on essentials, such as bottled water and packaged food, in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

While having two or more weeks of food supplies may seem necessary, people are risking their health by maneuvering past one another in jam-packed aisles and waiting in long lines at the stores amidst a virus whose incubation period is 2-14 days. Because anyone in the crowd can be COVID-19 infected without showing any signs, spreading it wherever they go. During such a state of emergency, the best course of action is to follow strict preventive measures as recommended by the US government, with more emphasis on staying at home.

Those who have already loaded up on everything they may need to survive for the upcoming few weeks of the pandemic should be having a sigh of relief. But those who couldn’t afford to buy weeks of supplies at once or found the grocery shelves empty are still heading to the stores, risking their health and of their family members. What they are neglecting is that braving crowds, no matter the reason, is a gamble on health or perhaps life. So is there a way to meet the daily needs of food and water? The answer depends on how smartly you play.

Today, many online grocery stores deliver staples and packaged food to your doorsteps, saving you from stepping outside. However, when it comes to water — one of the necessities of life — the best bet is to order online a gravity water filtration system instead of rushing to the stores to buy expensive bottled water. Many people in the US have recently realized how having a filtration system at home can solve the drinking water crisis that we collectively are facing. If you look up at any online store that delivers these systems, you are likely to witness “sold-out” stock, all because of their vitality amid the current outbreak.

Bottled water, contrary to the notion that it is clean, isn’t necessarily clean, suggests a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). However, a gravity water filtration system is a sure-fire way to turn tap water into safe and healthy drinking water. Besides that, the cost of bottled water has skyrocketed in the US lately, especially amid this pandemic. If you manage to find bottled water in the stores, you are most likely to drain your savings, which you may otherwise use to stock up other essentials. On the other hand, a water filtration system is a one-time investment, providing you access to healthy drinking water throughout its lifespan.

The plastic used to package water is another grave concern. The world is struggling with plastic use, and piling up bottles at your home by choosing bottled water is an insult to injury. To avoid harming the environment, you should turn to better alternatives, specifically a water filtration system.

To end it on a high note, getting a water filtration system at home will save you from going to the crowded stores, protecting you and your family from life-threatening COVID-19.