Debunking 3 Myths About Drinking Water Purification

With the growing awareness about drinking water contamination in the US, Americans are now more concerned about access to safe drinking water than having high-end appliances at home. As a result, water purification systems have become a necessary household commodity, and the sale of La Natural gravity filter system and bottled water has skyrocketed. But with drinking water concerns come myths of drinking water purification, which need to be debunked at the earliest.

Let’s see three common myths drinking water purification revolving across the globe:

Myth 1# City Water is Purified and Safe for Consumption

Water municipalities collect, filter, and distribute billions of gallons a day to supply water to almost 80% of the population every day. But the water you receive from your faucet may not be as safe for drinking as you think. This is because municipalities use disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides, and many other treatments to make it biologically safe. This not only affects the taste and smell of the water but also increases the risk of health issues should you drink it without purifying using the best La Natural gravity water filter.


Myth 2# You Only Need to Remove Chlorine to Make Water Safe for Drinking

Sure, chlorine or chloramine (a chemical made by mixing chlorine and ammonia) needs to be filtered out from the water, but it is not the only contamination. Many other contaminants that can make humans extremely sick are present in tap water, which even the EPA has stated out. To make tap water safe for drinking, all the potentially-dangerous contaminants should be removed using a water purifier.

Myth 3# Water filters remove minerals from the water

While water purifiers that use reverse osmosis as their primary means of filtration may remove minerals from the water, it is not entirely true, as some filters use gravity to filter out contaminants, which are generally heavier than minerals. This means that not all filters get rid of minerals that the body needs to remain healthy. It all comes down to the type of filter you use. For this reason, many people buy the best La Natural gravity filter system.

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