Benefits of Adding Gravity Water Filter To Your Home

Water filters have become a must in American households as tap water is not safe for drinking anymore. With high levels of toxins, chemicals and concentrated solids in water, it can cause a lot of harm to you and your family if proper steps to purify it are not taken.

Contaminated water leads to health problems such as cholera, chronic diarrhea, typhoid, and jaundice across the world. Unsafe drinking water causes more than 500,000 diarrheal deaths every year and prolonged use of contaminated water can lead to cancer, infertility, and even birth defects in children.

Having a gravity water filter like the Berkey stainless steel water filtration system can be extremely effective in protecting your family from water-borne diseases. But with so many filters and purifiers in the market, what makes gravity water filters the one to opt for? Let’s look at the benefits, one by one:

It eliminates disease-causing toxins
Filters have sediment filters that can remove microscopic pathogens from water meant for drinking. There are a lot of basic water filters out there that can easily remove harmful pollutants from the water that’s meant for drinking purposes.

But the Berkey stainless steel water filtration system takes it a notch higher. It can wipe out 99.9999% of all contaminants and comes with filters that can significantly lower the levels of arsenic, which causes cancer and cardiovascular problems in humans. It also lowers fluoride levels in the water. This is a feature that many water purifiers and filters don’t provide.

It is easy to maintain
Gravity water filters are known to last for 20-25 years in families of different sizes. To ensure that it does its job perfectly, all you need to do is get the activated carbon filters replaced every year. You can clean it by yourself without having to hire professionals for the job.

It doesn’t use electricity
One of the highlights of a gravity water filter is that it does not need electricity to purify water, thus leading to lower energy costs. You can also install it anywhere and get clean water in a matter of minutes because they are very efficient.

So, how does such a filter work if it doesn’t use electricity? The average water filter has two compartments. The top compartment stores impure water which passes through microscopic pores to the lower chamber which stores clean, potable water. As it passes through the holes, the impurities, bacteria, and dirt are separated from it. Thus, it utilizes the force of gravity to provide drinking water.

Looking to have an efficient and compact gravity water filter? Buy Berkey water filtration system as it goes a long way in ensuring the good health of your family members. To know which one will be perfect for your home, get in touch with Epic Water Systems today.