3 Reasons Why You Must Filter Drinking Water Before Taking a Sip

It’s not a new thing to say, clean water is essential for our health. From drinking to cooking to accomplishing other routine tasks like brushing and bathing, life without water is unimaginable. While the supply of regular tap water might seem absolutely clear to you, it carries plenty of health-affecting viruses, bacteria, and particles like lead, mercury, and chlorine. 

The consumption of such contaminated water can cause serious health issues like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid. To avoid becoming a victim of any harmful health issues because of poorly treated water, the best solution is to get a portable water filter system for your home. In case, you’re wondering why you should invest in drinking water filters, here are a few things that will shed light on to their importance.

Maintain water quality
As already mentioned, the removal of possible contaminants from your drinking water is important for health. Water filter systems efficiently filter out hazardous materials and make water clear and safe for consumption. 

Remove chlorine
Ever wondered why you are asked to take shower before and after using a swimming pool? It is because the water is chemically treated with chlorine. If it isn’t good for your body, definitely it isn’t suitable for consumption. Tap water is always treated with chlorine to kill disease-causing bacterias and protozoans. But too much addition of chlorine affects your health - from skin irritation to chest tightness to difficulty in breathing. When you want to be sure to drink chlorine-free water, consider adding a filter system at home. 

Free from lead
Another known particle that is commonly found in water is lead. According to studies, lead is one of the leading reasons that affect learning abilities among children. For this reason, it’s recommended to decrease the presence of lead in the water by installing water purification systems. 

Contaminated water can take a toll on your’s and your family’s health. When you don’t want to regret later for not taking proper measures on time, consider buying a gravity filter system at once.